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What should be cared during the design of Anti-electrostatic raised floor?

We all know that in some special occasions the electrostatic is easily produced in the equipment room, such as computer room. It caused serious effect for people's safe and working. So people developed the anti-electrostatic raised floors for special computer rooms. During the specific production of anti-electrostatic raised floor, it has the ideal effect. For some special occasions, it adapted very well. It can meet related security standards. And in the specific production process, it should have enough fire rating, and the finished floor height should also meet specific requirements. In this way, it can meet the requirements more idealistic.
In order to ensure better construction efect, please make sure the final step is renovated and the interior is very clean and level. And the floor surface should be dealed with well too. It should make the surface smooth and no pollution. So the requirements for the overall technique are very high.
When we pay attention to the anti-electrostatic raised floors, the ground connecting is a very important process. Only this step is processed well, the overal effect can reach the ideal result. And when all the sides are processed well, it can really reach the anti-electrostatic effect in the special space. So the floor has a wide range of applications.