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Another finished project in Ecuador for HPL anti-static raised floor


These days we finished another Ecuador project for HPL anti-static raised floor.

The floor is composed of panel, stringer and pedestal. The stringer and pedestal that is vertically adjustable are connected together with screws, which constitute stable bottom bearing system. the panel was inlaid in the square lattices enclosed by stringers.

1)Type: SCP-H(High Pressure Laminate Tile)/SCP-P(PVC Tile)
2)Size:600*600*35mm or 610*610*35mm
3)Material constitution: Steel panel with light cement infilled
4)Surface: HPL or PVC coverings
5)Loading capacity: 668LB, 800LB, 1000LB, 1250LB, 1500LB, 2000LB
6)Finished floor height:50mm~1500mm
7)Supporting system: Pedestals and stringers
8)Conductive resistance:1.0*105~1.0*106
9)Static dissipative resistance: 1.0*106~1.0*1010