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The cracks for Anti-static raised floor tiles


Jiangsu Liangfeng's anti-static raised floor has a better effect for computer room, data center, server room, control room, library, etc.

We have finished a lot of projects for international computer rooms and data centers.

Nowadays, many customers complain the anti-static raised floors from Chinese suppliers.

They said that the tiles are easily be damaged and cracked. See the attached:

This is a serious problem and it will lead to a big problem for the computer room and data center. It will make the precious electric equipment out of work.

Generally the reasons result in the problem is the using environment temperature and mositure.

1. Temperature: The using temperature is 10-35℃ 


2. Humidity: 45%RH ~ 75%RH


Because of the objective factor and geographical conditions, customers always can not meet the above environmental factors.


So In order to avoid this problem, customers should do the followings:

1. Choose Chinese famous supplier for anti-static raised floors. These suppliers have strict quality control for the production.

2. Ask the suppliers where the anti-static tiles ordered. LG, 3M, Hongkong "Meiah" etc. will have a quality guarantee.

3. Ask the suppliers to provid the test report for the tiles and check the detail testing data, such as wear-resistance, fire class, etc.

4. Choose thicker tiles, generally 1.0mm T, 1.2mm T, 1.5mm T, 2.0mm T are available. The more thickness, the better wear-resistance.