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What kind of accessories are used for the installation of anti-static raised access floor?


Generally, the stringers, pedestals and some auxiliary accessories are used for the installation

of anti-static raised access floors. During the installation, the usage is totally different.

Here, we will introduce the anti-static raised access floors' accessories in detail so that you

won't find any missing of the accessories and result in the failure of installation.

1. Stringer
Steel cement anti-static raised access floor's stringer can be divided into two types: Long

stringer and short stringer. The long stringer specification: 21*32*1170mm. The short stringer

specification: 21*32*570mm. The surface is zinc galvanized to be rustless.

2. Pedestal
Pedestals are always divided into standard pedestal, strengthen pedestal and super strong

pedestal. In addition, there are two special usage pedestals: slope pedestal and border pedestal.
1) Standard pedestal
It is consisted of top plate, screw, nut, supporting tube and bottom plate. The supporting tube

can be square tube(22*22mm) or round tube(Φ22mm). The surface is galvanized which is anti-rust

and anti-corrosion.
2) Strengthen pedestal
Comparing to standard pedestal, it has better bearing function. The diameter of tube are

generally Φ25mm、Φ28mm、Φ32mm.
3) Super strong pedestal
It is always used for the places which is pearticular to the bearing load and high rising height.

The diameter of tube is always Φ38mm、Φ45mm、Φ73mm.
4) Slope pedestal
It is specialied for slope.
5) Border pedestal
It is always used for installation of the wall border.

3. Auxiliary accessories
As the auxiliary connectings, the seismic brace, tie rod and hoop are suitable for super height

and super strong pedestals. They are used for reinforcing the stability.