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How to choose the right anti-static floor?

Now the different quality of anti-static floor is full of the market. Low quality and low price misguide the consumers in some way. After the ordering and installation of these floors, they always become inflation, cracking and color fading. What is worse, it will result in formaldehyde standard. So when the consumers order the anti-static floor, what will be noted? Any standards for a good floor?
1. Aluminum anti-static floor. It is processed by mechanical processing of aluminum material. It has high strength, fireproofing, waterproofing. The panel material can be recycled. It is widely used for electric power industry.
2. Composite anti-static floor. It is based on the high density chipboard. It has low weight, mature technique, interchangeable panels and low price. But the fireproofing and moisture-proofing are not excellent. So it is widely used for middle and small sized computer rooms. 
3. Ceramic anti-static floor. It is based on chipboard or steel. The surface is high wear-resisting anti-static ceramic. Different colors and patterns can be choosed. It has small gaps and good installation effect. The service life is longer than general floors. The thickness for the panel is total 40 mm thick and fireproofing can be A class. It is widely used for all kinds of computer rooms, data centers or high class computer rooms.
4. PVC anti-static floor. It is mainly made of PVC resin and through special manufacturing process. The PVC particle can form a anti-static network. It has the permanent anti-static function. It looks like marble and has a good decoration effect. It is widely used for telecom, electronic equipment rooms, clean rooms, server rooms, etc.
5. All steel anti-static floor. It is welded of high quality cold steel and infilled with cement. It has high loading, waterproofing, fireproofing, moisture-proofing. It is widely used for big computer room which needs high loading for the expensive equipment.