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500*500mm OA Access Floor
    • 500*500mm OA Access Floor
Product Details
500*500mm OA Access Floor is a new style construction building material, which is widely used for many modern office buildings, such as banks, tax administration, commercial and industrial bureau, customs, insurance companies, government and so on. It makes the cables under the floor more safe and easy.
The panel system is made of good quality cold-rolled steel sheet, which is stretched spot-welded, and coated with epoxy powder after having been phosphoreted. Inside of the panel is filled with foamed cement. The borders of the panel are punched with corner-lock holes.
The LF502 can constitute a space for the electric box, which can make the wrie and cable come out easy.
The access floor system is composed of panel, pedestal and anti-vibration cushion and screws. The panel is placed on the pedestals with anti-vibration cushions, and then it is locked through corner-lock holes with the screws.
The pedestal, whose height is adjustable and fixable, is zinc and aluminum structure.
It can be aluminum cross head pedestal and Flat head pedestal with plastic cap.
1.Epoxy powder coated offers lifetime protection
2.Cementitious fill makes panels solid and quiet
3.superior static, dynamic and ultimate load performance
4.Easy maintenance and interchangeable panels
5.All-steel pedestals provide excellent impact load performance
6.Fireproof, waterproof and dustproof
Technical Specifications:
Type Size(mm) Concentrated Load Impact Load(N) Untimated Load(N) Uniform Load(N/M2 Rolling Load(N) Remark
LB N KG 10 10000 OA Panel FFH≥50mm
LF501 FS668 500*500*28 ≥668 ≥2990 ≥305 / / ≥6700 / /
FS800 500*500*28 ≥800 ≥3550 ≥363 ≥8000
FS1000 500*500*28 ≥1000 ≥4450 ≥454 ≥11970
LF-502 FS668 500*500*28 ≥668 ≥2990 ≥305 ≥6700
FS800 500*500*28 ≥800 ≥3550 ≥363 ≥8000
FS1000 500*500*28 ≥1000 ≥4450 ≥454 ≥11970

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