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Office Room Steel Cement Access Floor
    • Office Room Steel Cement Access Floor
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Office Room Steel Cement Access Floor is made of good quality cold-rolled steel sheet, which is stretched, spot-welded, and coated with epoxy powder after have been phosphoreted. The inner side is with light cement and four corners can screwed to galvanized steel pedestals. It is widely used for office rooms to instead traditional ceramic floors.

1) Long use life, compact size, easy to change and maintain, flexible, reusable
2) Easy to install
3) Whole-steel construction, impact-resistant, scuff-resistant, corrosion-proof
4) High regulating range of 35 ~ 150mm
5) Comfortable to walk on, appealing to look at
6) Abundant space for wiring
7) Suitable for top-grade office buildings, computer labs, classrooms,
network rooms, and other areas that require comprehensive wiring

It is consisted of panels, pedestals and screws.

People always put square carpets on the access floor' s top panel surface.

Panel Size: 600*600mm or 610*610mm

Thickness: 33mm


Type Size(mm) Concentrated Load Impact Load(N) Untimated Load(N) Uniform Load(N/M2 Rolling Load(N)
LB N KG 10 10000
  FS800 600*600*33 ≥800 ≥3550 ≥363 670 ≥14520 ≥9600 3560 2670
LF601 610*610*33
FS1000 600*600*33 ≥1000 ≥4450 ≥454 670 ≥16720 ≥15000 4450 3560
FS1250 600*600*33 ≥1250 ≥5550 ≥567 670 ≥22000 ≥20000 5560 4450
FS1500 600*600*33 ≥1500 ≥6660 ≥680 780 ≥26400 ≥23000 6670 5560

The access floor's accessories are Aluminum cross head pedestals and border pedestals.

Finished floor height can be from 80mm~1500mm.

When you installed to the wall side, you can choose our Border pedestal to support the panel.


1.General office spaces

2.Casinos and retail spaces

3.Telecommunications, news and media rooms

4.Government buildings, financial & educational instituations

Training centers

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