Liangfeng Access Floor

Product Category


Accessories includes Outlet Boxes, Electric Sockets, Panel Lifters, HPL PVC Tiles.

  • Outlet Boxes

    cable grommets, outlet boxes

    Outlet boxes are designed to fit into Raised Access Flooring panels. Form Aperture in Panel , cables pass securely through aperture in outlet box from the floor void. The electric outlet has the moveable covers and this allows the top surface to rotate which exposes or closes the aperture.

  • Electric Sockets

    electrical sockets, electric socket

    Electric sockets are available to house power, data and telecom accessories where optimum flexibility is required. They are designed to be field installed by a certified electrition. It provides you with an option for quick power/data configuration and assembly.

  • Panel Lifters

    panel lifters, suction cup

    Panel Lifter is the easiest way to extract panels from the floor. All lifters have a high load rating and are ready to use. Our cup model is the best panel lifter on the market because it has a greater lifting capacity than other models and offers greater stability due to the larger size of the suction cups.

  • HPL PVC Tiles

    raised floor covering

    HPL PVC Tiles have several standard coverings that have been used with access floor for over two decades, and comprise the majority of factory laminations today. No matter the location or use of these systems, the class A status will always hold strong.